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Welcome to the heart of falconry in Scotland




Nose to Beak (approximately 1 hour)


Handle and fly some of the most amazing birds in existence with our one hour 'nose to beak' experience.  You will come literally nose to beak with birds from the tiny kestrel to the great eagle owl and work with our staff to fly them for yourself in our flying arena.


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Beak to Beyond (Approximately 2 hours)


Why not extend your stay with us and take things one step further.  With the 2 hour Beak to Beyond experience, visitors not only get to fly the birds as for the Nose to Beak above but also get a little closer to nature by taking the hawks for a walk through the woods, flying them through the trees and experiencing the thrill of of having them fly to them in the wonderful atmosphere, scenery and tranquility of the Scottish countryside.


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The Great Owl Experience (Approximately 1.5 hours)


Are you one of those people who just loves owls?  You can come and spend time with us  and our owls at any of our centres.  Learn about how they hunt and just why that head can turn almost full circle.  Handle everything from the beautiful barn owl and tawny owls to the huge Eurasian eagle owl.  Experience the thrill of having them fly to you in our flying arena.


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The Family Experience


Come and join us for a family experience.  This is for 2 adults and up to 3 children and includes entry into The Scottish Deer Centre, meet the birds (approximately half an hour of handling and flying a variety of birds of prey), attendance at our flying displays which are held at 12md, 2pm and 4pm throughout the summer and 1.30pm in the winter.


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