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We can provide a range of services using birds of prey for your wedding.  A few of these are given below but we are also able to provide bespoke services.  If you would like something different then just get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.

Wedding Services



Wedding Ring delivery

In recent years having the wedding rings delivered by a bird of prey has become increasingly popular.  A variety of birds can be used for this but the most popular is the barn owl because of its natural beauty, its white colouring and its silent flight.  The rings are attached to the bird using soft ribbon and can be flown to the best man, the groom, the bride or brides maid or whoever you wish. Once the rings have been delivered, the bird can be held or flown back to the falconer.





Interactive Flying Display

Once the ceremony is done and the photographer requires the bride and groom for their photographs, it is nice to know that your friends and relatives are being looked after and entertained.  An interactive bird of prey flying display is an excellent way of making sure they enjoy themselves leaving you free to relax during your photo shoot.  Of course you wouldn't wish to be left out so enough time is spent to allow for the bride and groom to join in and have some extra photographs showing them flying and holding the birds.




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