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Welcome to the heart of falconry in Scotland


Scottish Deer Centre
The Glens and Glamis
Head Office

We have different venues where we carry out activities.  These are given below together with the activities provided at these venues.


Bird of Prey Handling sessions can be carried out at;

The Scottish Deer Centre

The Scottish deer centre offer a warm welcome to those looking for a big fun day out at one of Fife's largest visitor attractions.


Falconry Experiences and Really Wild Scotland Tours are carried out at;

The Angus Glens and/or Glamis

See some of the most beautiful scenery in Scotland.

Taking in the local wildlife and flying the birds anywhere is a fantastic experience but the scenery in these 2 locations is breath taking.  It makes it all the more special that it is just 'out in the wilds'.


Administration, Finance and Bookings

Head Office

This is for all mail, administration and accounts.  We have no birds here and are not open to the public.