Corporate Events and Activities

We provide a range of activities to the corporate sector from being part of part of a mini highland games to displays and demonstrations to excellent stand alone entertainment such as falconry days, hands on activities and team building exercises.  

Flying demonstrations

A corporate bird of prey flying demonstration provides interactive and fun entertainment for your clients.  It can be used either as part of an organised itinerary of activities or as an exclusive display for their event.  We work with a wide range of prestigious venues where the birds of prey have become a valuable part of the corporate 

Team Building

The hawks and falcons in our collection have been raised as one of the family.  As a result, they enjoy the company of people and enjoy some of the competitive games we play such as football.  They make very good goalkeepers and it takes a good team to beat them.  This is just one of the many activities we provide that form part of an interesting and exciting team building experience.

Traditional Hunt

There is nothing like flying an agile hawk through beautiful woodland or over stunning mountains.  The experience is relaxation and excitement all rolled into one.  Clients will never get closer than this to seeing a bird of prey in a natural environment and behaving as nature intended.