Pest Control

We can assist in controlling wild birds and mammals in large areas such as airports and landfill sites as well as housing estates and grain stores.

Landfill Sites

The aim is to keep birds off the sites and so stop them picking up rubbish and spreading it across the country.  A daily patrol by one of our bird control units using falcons and hawks will keep the sites clear of these unwanted visitors


Bird control at airports is of particular importance to avoid bird strikes to aircraft taking off or landing.  Falcons are used to disperse flocks of gulls from the flight path and this helps to avoid potentially fatal accidents.

Commercial / City Sites

Pigeons and starlings often nest in commercial buildings where they can eat into bags of grain and other materials causing spoilage to warehouse stock and machinery and so creating a health problem.  Although normally inaccessible to other methods of bird control, the hawks will access the areas inhabited and evacuate the pests concerned.  Advise is also given on prevention and control measures.  In city centres the problem is usually in the vicinity of the shopping centres, office buildings and schools as these are often used as nesting areas for gulls creating a health risk from droppings, scavenging activities and also attacks during the breeding season.  Hawks can be flown to deter nesting in particular areas reducing or even eradicating the problem