Flying demonstrations


Raptor World conducts daily flying demonstrations that take place at The Scottish Deer Centre. Proudly taking part in numerous public flying demonstrations outside of the centre as well, Raptor World showcases a spectacular array of some of the finest birds of prey in the world. Thanks to these combined years of experience Raptor World is equipped and able to bring Birds of Prey displays and flying demonstrations to venues & events of varying sizes, no matter the size, big or small, Raptor World will enhance the attraction of an event for guests and other visitors.



what to expect

Birds of prey have fascination that draws people in. Raptor World utilises this fascination. The displays and flying demonstrations are used in conjunction with event organisers to make any venue & event that Raptor World is in attendance of more attractive, intriguing and perfectly place to provide visitors with photograph opportunities and treasured memories of their visit.

Whatever the space, Raptor World provides a well laid out display of a variety of birds of prey with expert staff on hand to both care for the birds and to converse with guests & visitors of all ages. Raptor World’s flying demonstrations and displays can also be tailored to the desired needs and requirements of an event, this can be achieved upon request before booking.

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