Handling experiences

Handling Experiences are at the core of what Raptor World does.
Offering a range of Bird of Prey Experiences at the Centre, which provides participants with a real ‘Hands On’ activity, achieved through the handling and flying of it’s birds, during which time participants will become well equated with the bird(s) they are flying and learn in-depth about their species and the vital role they play in our world.

Raptor World prides itself in conducting Bird of Prey Experiences in a manner that both bird & participant are happy, satisfied & at ease. The falconers who conduct the handling experiences are highly trained in catering the experiences on offer to the participants needs, whether this be age or ability, this can be discussed in confidence during or before booking.  The current handling experiences run through the 1st of April until October, included in every handling experience is a full day park entry, so you can explore the rest of the park after you have finished.