Handling experiences

Our Handling Experiences are at the core of what we do.
We offer a range of Bird of Prey Experiences at our Centre, which provides participants with a real ‘Hands On’ activity, achieved through the handling and flying of our birds, during which time you will become well equated with the bird(s) you are flying and learn in-depth about their species and the vital role they play in our world.

We pride ourselves in conducting our Bird of Prey Experiences in a manner that both bird & participant are happy, satisfied & at ease. Our falconers are highly trained in catering the Handling Experiences we offer to your needs, whether this be age or ability, this can be discussed in confidence during booking.  The current handling experiences run through the 1st of April until October, included in every handling experience is a full day park entry, so you can explore the rest of the park after you have finished. 

Hawk walk - £45

A 1 hour experience, take one of our harris hawks flying around the park.

Owl experience - £45

A 45 minute flying experience with a few of our gorgeous owls.

Hawk Walk

Always dreamed of being a falconer or simply have an affinity for Hawks? This Bird of Prey experience is for you. 

Equipped with your own falconry glove, take a private leisurely walk around the perimeter of the Centre with one of our Falconers, all the while as one of our Harris Hawks soars and flies above your head. Learn how to present the glove and have them land on your glove just inches from you. Become well acquainted with the hawk you are flying and their species as a whole. Reconnect with the wild and learn about these fantastic hunters, in this fantastic Bird of Prey Experience! 

For more details please don’t hesitate to contact us. 


Owl Experience

If you’re more in tune with the slower more fluffier members of the Bird of Prey family, then this experience is for you. 

Gain private access to our Flying Arena, allowing you to have one on one, hands on experience with two of our stunning owls. These silent but fluffy hunters are best experienced up close and personal. The Owls will glide towards you and perch upon your glove, making for the perfect picture opportunity.  You will leave the experience with a greater appreciation and understanding of these fascinating Birds of Prey. 

For more details please don’t hesitate to contact us. 


*All experiences must be booked in advance. Gift vouchers are available*