Film, Television & Promotions

Film and Television

We have worked with the BBC, ITV, STV and Channel 4 to provide birds of prey for a variety of scenarios from reality game shows such as King of the Castle, to Wildlife documentaries and information shows such as Seeing Scotland and Theatrical performances such as Kes.

TV and Film Work

TV and film work features quite strongly in the lives of our raptor teams. It is often impossible to get really close up shots of wild raptors and so wildlife documentaries are enhanced by the use of trained birds in some of the footage. Period dramas become all the more realistic with the addition of falcons and falconer in traditional dress and general interest programs such as Grampian TV's 'Seeing Scotland' and STV's 'Conquer the Castle' certainly gain much by the addition of birds of prey.

Promotional Work

Product launches and advertising are a very visual way to sell. Birds of prey are remarkably eye catching and draw peoples attention. We have a large variety of owls, hawks, falcons and eagles that can be used for promotional campaigns and make all the difference to the impression your advertisement leaves.