Volunteering Opportunities

Accepting volunteers from all walks of life with a variety of backgrounds and interests.

If you are interested in volunteering with Raptor World, then this page aims to provide you with more information about what Raptor World offers and what Raptor World expects from volunteers, while also telling you more about the role. 

First and foremost, anyone considering volunteering should work out what it is that they want to get out of being a volunteer. Please read this page carefully before making your decision. Raptor World does not guarantee every candidate who offers to volunteer will be offered a volunteer role as there is a limit to how many volunteers Raptor World can have.

The Recruitment Process

The Process to begin volunteering with Raptor World is as follows: 
1) Contact Raptor World with a short introduction to themselves explaining why you would like to volunteer with Raptor World 

2)You will be invited for an short informal interview to asses your interest in the role.

3) You will be invited to complete a trail day in which you will be introduced to both staff & birds, as well as confirming your suitability.

4) Once the trial has been passed, you will be accepted as a Raptor World volunteer and begin your falconry journey.  

The Ideal Candidate

.A typical working day at Raptor World can often be busy and run according to a set schedule. Raptor World is very public facing; open to visitors every day of the year. Raptor World also conducts other falconry services such as bird handling experiences, daily flying demonstrations, as well as answering visitor queries, and outreach in the local area. As such, there are a number of characteristics Raptor World is looking for in an ideal candidate for volunteering.

  • You must be outgoing, sociable, and confident at dealing with people, especially members of the public. A level of confidence, coupled with good communication skills, are needed to be able to serve customers and work effectively as part of the Raptor World team
  • You must be prepared to work outdoors and in all weather conditions. Even when it is cold, wet, snowing, etc., the birds still need to be fed, flown, and cleaned up after. Raptor Worlds falconers are outside most of the time.
  • You are not squeamish; you must be prepared to handle the birds’ food. You should be prepared to handle and prepare raw meat, training will be provided to ensure this is done safely. 
  •  Prepared to get your hands dirty. Part of the work you would be doing as a volunteer will involve cleaning up after the birds, such as cleaning the overnight accommodation (mews and aviaries) This can often be very physical and very dirty. You will, however, get to do some nicer jobs as well, such as being involved with flying the birds and learning falconry skills, such as feeding birds on your glove, tying the falconer’s knot, helping with our flying demonstrations and taking part in other activities in and around the Centre. If there is anything you want to learn in particular, or if there is something you want to get involved with, just ask.

Raptor World prides itself in being a rewarding place to volunteer, having had many volunteers stay volunteering for numerous years and grow their skills & confidence, becoming a valued asset to the team.  

Frequently Asked Questions

"I want to get my own bird of prey – can I come and volunteer for a few weeks to learn about what I need to do?"

Learning the necessary skills for falconry & owning a bird of prey can take many years. While Raptor World does not take any form of liability for any future ownership after volunteering, Raptor World will train volunteers in how to care for and handle Birds of Prey, with also the chance to see how training for Birds of Prey is conducted.

"How old do I have to be to Volunteer?"

Volunteering is suitable for virtually any age, but the minimum requirement is 18. You should be relatively physically fit and able, as some elements of the work will involve standing for long periods, bending, lifting, and walking around.

"I have to do work experience – Do you offer placements?"

Yes, Raptor World will take work experience applications from candidates or for only a set number of hours, such as Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.

"Do I need any qualifications / can I earn a qualification?"

No qualifications are needed as Raptor World will teach you what you need to know. Raptor World does not offer any formal qualification/training scheme at this time; however you will work through a documented training program with the help and guidance of a Raptor World falconer, which you can request a copy of should you desire.

"I still want to volunteer. What do I do now?"

Please get in touch! The best thing to do is to either e-mail Raptor World at raptorworld@deercentre.com or using the 'Contact Us' button at the bottom of this page. The email should contain a little bit about yourself and why you want to volunteer. Raptor World can arrange an appropriate date with you so that you can come to the Centre for your interview, before Raptor World then arranges an introductory trial day for you, and you then decide whether to commit to regular volunteering.